"Cavalry Officers", Harper's Weekly, October 29, 1864.

Make no mistake... wearing rank and leading the Cavalry may look glamorous on the field but behind the scenes, it's a lot of hard work and many hours of personal time spent coordinating events within our unit, with event organizers, with other reenacting units and for our Living Histories, the National Park Service. We vote annually for our field and corporate leaders during our annual corporate meeting, in accordance with our unit bylaws.

Field Leadership

At events, our officers and non-commissioned officers ensure that the unit is awake and fed, weapons are inspected, horses are saddled and the troopers are ready to take the field; that the scenarios are coordinated between units and that report times are adhered to. All this while continually responding to the regimental bugler sounding "Officers Call!" throughout the event. 

Corporate Leadership

Our corporate leadership is responsible for ensuring that we remain financially solvent and that we do so while operating in accordance with U.S. non-profit organization laws and regulations, and within a proper legal/liability framework. 


Special Duties

We also want to highlight those unit members who habitually go above and beyond to make a great experience even better. FOOD is a wonderful thing to have at an event, and several of our membership selflessly volunteer the time and very significant effort it takes to provide meals at many of our reenactments and Living Histories. Narration is also a crucial bit of Living History support. Without it, we'd look really cool drilling our horses and firing our weapons but spectators would have little idea of what we were doing or why. Last but definitely not least are those who photograph us in action and in camp, documenting with images what we do. Almost all the photos on these pages were taken by our unit members; our site would be very dull without their contributions. 

Because of the hard work of our leaders and our unit membership, we're

Tojours Prêt!