Yorktown National Battlefield Civil War Weekend After Action Report

May 25, 2014


The Yorktown living history continued its tradition of being a great event, thanks to a lot of hard work from everyone involved. The drill demonstrations with nine mounted troopers ably led by Corporal Ace were well executed and well received by the spectators. The lovely and charming Miss Megan narrated while troopers Riggleman and Standard demonstrated weapons as dismounts. Will, Mike, and Dave had an impressive weapons display in camp and patiently fielded endless questions from the visitors, as did Dave Chapman, Ginnie Mize, Betsy Smith, and Wendy Standard as they pursued less deadly pastimes. Troopers took time to introduce their horses in camp upon their return from the demonstrations as well. The camp was as FARB-free as I have seen and I thank you all for that. As an opportunity to share our passion for history and horses with a public that understands neither, and on a field of strife during Memorial Day weekend, the weekend was well worth the effort.

None of it would be possible without the excellent meals and company provided by Will, Frenchie, and Jan. Mark did a great job coordinating the details that can make or break an event. Carl Rivas led us on a memorable (for me, anyway) trail ride around the allied lines from the Revolutionary War era. Trying it without the broken arm will be a plus next year! In terms of horsemanship the arm ordeal has been humbling, as it has revealed I depend too much on my hands. Back to the round pen... To everyone who served as my hands (again), I thank you. Joe and Sam bear the brunt but many others carried, tightened, unhooked, etc., to get me "to horse" on time.

So, on to Trevillian's Station! If we move as smoothly on the battlefield as we did at Yorktown (which is the point of drill in the first place) we should be able to come up with some surprises for our foes. I thank you all and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

I will close with a brief reminder that Memorial Day is coming to a close as I type this. Whenever I see a military cemetery or grave marker I try to remember that the deceased was somebody's parent, spouse, child, sibling, friend...We ask more than we know of our service members, and a combat death has a ripple effect that touches scores of lives. 

Honor them.

Toujours Pret!

Very Respectfully, Yr Obt Svt
Scott Womack
Captain, Commanding
2nd U.S Cavalry Co. A / 9th Virginia Cavalry Co. D