New Market After Action Report

The 153rd anniversary of the battle of New Market is in the books. Elements of our own A company combined with company H, and Lauren and Perry from the 11th PA. A representative from the 2nd Florida Cavalry and new friend Kevin Finn provided flank protection for our Army of the Shenandoah.

With the Black Horse and elements of the 2nd Virginia, it was a very target rich environment. Saturday morning started with a tactical. Unfortunately after picking myself and Spatha up off the ground, I was out of the action for most of the fight. Spatha being off, he retired to camp guard duty for the remainder of the weekend. I was able to finish the event on Smokey, graciously loaned by H company.

A short cavalry demo led into Saturday's battle. Sunday's battle picked up where we left off Saturday. It was not a good day for the Federal forces, but we ably guarded the flanks of our constantly retreating army (just can't rewrite history). But according to our Cavalry Commander, Lt. Colonel Doutt, our outnumbered troopers performed admirably as expected.  

The weather gods stayed on our side, team Happy did a superlative job as usual in keeping us well fed and satisfied. Thanks to our troopers Hank Happy (fighting and cooking); Frank Beames; our guest troopers; and our top notch non-commissioned officers Sgt. Kruise and Cpl. Sopko who basically ran the show so I could look pretty.

Special thanks to Lieutenant Colonel Doutt who led and fought gallantly even after his own unscheduled visit with terra firma. All in all a successful event with a good crowd, and cavalry involved throughout. I was humbled and honored to lead this force on the field, and I thank you all for your patience, positive waves and cooperation. On to Gettysburg.

Faithfully submitted
Lt. Ace

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