Gettysburg NPS Living History After Action Report


Once again the old second has handsomely displayed its prowess, poise, and professionalism on the hollowed fields of Gettysburg. Eight troopers and two loyal guests from the 11th Pa completed our company. Two veteran ranks of four ably performed our standardized drill to the delight of the crowds, in the constantly increasing heat. There was no threat of rain and despite the heat the crowds were steady and engaged in our history. Ranger Holbrook was impressed and thoroughly pleased with our showing, as our outstanding relationship continues.

Mentioned in dispatches: our thanks to our guests Lauren and Perry from the 11th Pa; Trooper Doutt for overcoming his injury to be in saddle and going all out; and team Happy to keep us well fed throughout. Our gallant NCOs Cpl. Harry with camp set up and attention to all details, and Cpl. Mark with valued experience and a great job on the coffee detail. Sgt. Barry with a masterful job running drill and adapting to the increasingly small drill field. Trooper Thomas as he guided his mount thru his first event since recovering from injury. And we also happily welcome trooper Smith back to the ranks. Great job by all. A thank you to our exceptional guidon, Tpr. Amos who patiently coached me along, and last but not least our narrator the always entertaining and knowledgeable Dave Mize, and Bill Pulig, who provided his interesting medical display to the delight of many who crowded around his tent, and with his wife provided plenty of sweets after dinner. Positive waves prevailed this weekend, and I am once again honored to lead this revered unit on the field. The attitude and experience of this group made it a joyous and easy experience. Our esteemed Captain will be proud. Again thanks to all. Till we meet again.

Faithfully submitted.
Your most obedient servant.
Lt. Ace.