145th Gettysburg Battle Reinactment AAR


One hundred and fifty four years later and the Army of Northern Virginia is still at it. But alas their attempted invasion of Pennsylvania was again repulsed, and they were driven from our soil once again by our brave Union Army of the Potomac. Under the command of Colonel Mike Church, we combined with the 6th Ohio, 2nd U.S. Co. H and the dismounts for the engagements of Hunterstown, Farnsworth's charge and Fairfield. The Black Horse galvanized and created an impressive Federal column and charge into the Confederate infantry and history for Farnsworth. Well done. The scenarios were well planned and fairly executed. Our brethren in grey cooperated nicely and despite inevitable missteps, the engagements all in all came off fairly well.

The gallant Co. A has not served at Gettysburg for the past four years, but it seemed business as usual as the list of logistical challenges remained unchanged. Our plight was definitely lessened by the dedicated work of our outstanding consigliore and his assistants, and no matter the obstacle, from biting insects to parking challenges, to "that doesn't make any sense", the old second rose to the occasion once again. This unit eats adversity for breakfast. The more adverse the situation the stronger it gets. It's amazing to watch really.  Ultimately all essentials were provided for, no challenge proved insurmountable, and we all pulled together to make it an enjoyable and memorable event.

The crowds were large and receptive throughout. The weather was hot as usual (Gettysburg on the 4th of July) and dry except for one brief thunderstorm Saturday afternoon. Team Happy was on the job so any grumbling in the ranks was definitely not from our stomachs. So in all, success I think. A win (except for Farnsworth) and another job well done. I was honored and proud to lead this distinguished group once again. Mentioned in dispatches: Lt Colonel Doutt who led on the field and was instrumental in planning, negotiating, set-up and transportation. Sgt. Barry with his usual second to none on field prowess. Cpl's Sopko and Maloney attending to countless details. Our superb guideon, trooper Amos. Our outstanding mess led by Cpl. Happy and Teresa Barth. Cpl. Happy also proudly carried the regimental colors. Our ranks were joined by Tpr. Beams and guests included Tpr. Norm Hoerer, Tpr. Tom Poustie (and his better half Bev of course); and the 11th Pa. included Lauren, Perry, Lon and Robbie. Our old friend Dave Miller joined the ranks and new Tpr. Nicole Bradford, with Adj. Frank Bradford in camp. A great job and my thanks to all. Although out of order, we look forward now to Brandy Station and the return of our esteemed Captain Womack. It's been a privilege to serve you in his absence.

Faithfully submitted.
Your most obedient servant
Lt. Ace
2nd U.S. Co. A.