Appomattox Court House After Action Report


A small but mighty band of six Troopers came out to entrap the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House on 7 April, which resulted in General Lee's surrender at the McClean House on Palm Sunday, 8 April.  Our worthy opponents numbered approximately twenty, so the ratio wasn't quite as it was in 1865 but we made enough noise to impress the crowd.  In addition to the battle recreation, which followed the pattern of the 150th anniversary event, we observed the Army of Northern Virginia's stacking of arms ceremony and patrolled the town, answering such incisive questions as "How do you tell the Northern soldiers from the Southern ones?" Hence our educational mission...

Logistics for this event were excellent, with ample hay, water, and firewood.  The schedule was very relaxing with only one formal event for the cavalry (the Saturday morning battle).  Since the addition of cavalry to the event was a last minute idea, no formal demonstrations or talks were included.  If cavalry commits to the event in the future I'm sure they will give us some time slots for a demo.  In the absence of formal demonstrations we spent time patrolling the town and engaging with the public.  The extra time allowed us to visit some of the museum buildings and each trooper received a parole slip printed on an original press (for our 9th Virginia impression).  We also took the opportunity for some emerging leader training, and each of the troopers present led the squad in drill to and from the village.

Mentioned in dispatches:

-Lieutenant Ace for getting camp set up in order and for his excellent music.

-Corporal Sopko for ably serving as the ranking NCO so all I had to do was look pretty.

-Trooper Happy for feeding us royally and bringing his positive waves to the event.

-Trooper Frankie for her energy and sense of humor.

-Trooper Tony for her cheery helpfulness and for representing at least one correct-aged trooper in the ranks.

Very Respectfully,

Your Obedient Servant

Captain, Commanding

2nd U.S. Cavalry Company A/9th Virginia Company D