Click the button below for the list of stuff you need to do what we do. Aside from what you need, there's even more you can aquire that will enhance your experience, personal comfort, and your ability to present history to the public.

Expensive is not necessarily better; you don't have to buy top-of-the-line stuff. However we don't recommend that you try to save money by buying low-quality items. Besides their inauthentic look, they won't hold up for long

and might fail under stress. You'll ultimately spend more more since you'll have to replace them in a year or two. Well constructed uniforms, leather equipment and camp gear should last for years, even decades.

For the person who's adamant about precise authenticity, for a much larger investment you can also get that exact historic replica right down to the hand stitching that you've always wanted. It's all out there. See our sutler link for sources.



The old sayings "Let the buyer beware" and "You get what you pay for!" ring true here. We recommend that new troopers consult old troopers before buying anything!


Don Stivers, "First Sergeant"


Check out the First Sergeant's uniform and equipment. Our shell jackets and forage caps are dark blue and only our officers and NCOs wear rank, but otherwise this is the image we try to portray.