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In consideration of the 2nd United States Cavalry, Company A / 9th Virginia Cavlary, Company D reenactment unit (hereafter referred to as "the unit"), having agreed to allow the undersigned, and/or their family members, or acquaintances, to participate as a member or guest of the unit:

I, the undersigned, being fully aware of the dangers inherent in equestrian sports and knowledgeable regarding reenactment exercises, fully and knowingly accept all risks of injury of whatever kind (including possible death) to myself, participating family members, or acquaintances, as an active member, or guest, of the unit. I fully understand that being an active participant (either mounted, dismounted, or as a civilian) I, or my participating family members, or acquaintances, could be injured, maimed or killed as a result of this activity. These injuries could result from the interaction with horses of this or any other unit, at a parade, re-enactment, tactical, living history or any other function attended by the unit.

I realize that accidents can and do occur under the conditions possible at unit activities, even though all reasonable precautions are taken by the unit to eliminate risk of harm. These conditions could include, but are not limited to loud sounds (such as music or discharge of weapons), horseback riding, terrain, weather, and the use of black powder discharging weapons (pistols, carbines and field artillery) and edged weapons. I understand, and acknowledge that my participation is voluntary, and that the unit is not responsible for my, or my family member's or acquaintance’s conduct or experience level.

I hereby RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND FOREVER DISCHARGE any member of the unit, its officers, and the unit itself, from any and all claims, demands, legal responsibility, court costs and legal fees, liability, or any cause of action of any kind or nature that might arise by reason of damage, personal injury or accident, to include death, sustained by myself, family member, or acquaintance, or damage to any property, (including live stock) owned, leased, or borrowed by myself, family members, or acquaintances.

This Release is binding upon myself, my family, my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, guardians and anyone else who may have the right to claim through myself or family members. I have carefully read this Release or have had it read to me, and have had an opportunity to have my questions answered to my satisfaction. I understand the terms of this Release and sign it of my own free will, with the intention to be legally bound thereby.

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