Yorktown Living History After Action Report


Mon Capitan,

I have the honor to report another successful event. 29 April - 1 May the Second US Cavalry, Company A positioned itself at Yorktown Virginia and provided provost guard and reconnaissance support to General McClellan on his campaign to defeat the rebellion. Even with the threat of heavy rains, our small contingent stayed dry until the very end. 

Yours truly arrived Friday to set up camp and had a fire, picket line, water, and hay ready for the late arrivals.  Corporal Harry, Trooper Amy, New Recruit Trooper Tony and Amy’s Mom Pattie arrived late Friday evening. 

The weather held off as we conducted our usual, and busy Living History weekend at Yorktown.  Trooper Dave, Mike, Brad and Marci arrived on Saturday morning rounding out our line to 7 horses.  In addition, we had narrative support from the lovely Miss Megan (with assistance from her gracious mother, Mrs. Ginny). Ms. Jan blessed our camp with her excellent baked goods, ensuring we would not go hungry (or lose any weight). The wounded Trooper Will made a guest appearance bringing with him, Trooper Mike and his father all the way from Atlanta. Our new recruit, Tony, was a great help in camp, ran at the heads, and went on the trail ride.

We had a surprising number of spectators, even though this event was held early and not on a holiday as years past.  That may have been due to a Motorcycle Poker Run having a station in the Yorktown Parking lot. Weapons inspection, drill, two demos (excellently lead by Corporal Harry), running at the heads, a trail ride and the BBQ dinner that evening made for a busy and productive Saturday. 

The weather on Sunday was more ominous, and a warning of imminent thunderstorms kept all in camp ready to evacuate.  With reduced numbers (Corporal Harry, Troopers Mike, Dave, Amy and I) the first demonstration went well. We made a rain call before the second demonstration and loaded our trailers just as the heavens opened up.  All made it safety back to their home stations.

We stayed safe and had a pleasant weekend!

I have the honor to be your most humble servant,



Lieutenant Mark Sopko

Second US Cavalry, Company A