After Action Report: Battle of Cedar Creek, Middletown, VA, 20 – 21 October 2018

First Manassas at Cedar Creek was large and, like the actual First Battle of Manassas, had limited cavalry play.  We combined with the Confederate Cavalry to execute a cavalry demonstration narrated by yours truly after I appropriated the microphone in the speaker's tent.  Trooper Doutt attempted to evade service as an officer but was cajoled into donning his Lieutenant Colonel's outfit and serving as Federal Cavalry Commander against the gray hordes.  I appreciate the troopers who came out to support the unit and USV in the heat and "hurry up and wait."  Again, positive mental attitudes prevailed over trying circumstances and all had a good time as a result.  Mentioned in dispatches are Trooper Happy and his team, who provided meals, the lovely Miss Brianna Chazin in her civilian impression, and the return of Trooper "Claire" Beames and Chickenhawk to our ranks.  Huzzah!