After Action Report: War Comes to Union, July 2018

This event, organized in part by Corporal Harry, Trooper Amos, Trooper Crispin, and myself, was a great success and a lot of fun in a bucolic and historical setting.  In addition to the organizers (minus Trooper Crispin who was on detached duty with her Reserve unit) we had Trooper "Billy Yank" Fuzia (making a special appearance as Major General W.W. Averell), Trooper Joe, Trooper Sam, Trooper Frankie, and Trooper Val (guest of Corporal Harry).  The event recreated the entry of the Federal Army into Union, WV in May 1864.  It included a skirmish against the Confederate home guard on the streets of Union, looting of historical properties, a bank robbery, demonstrations on the lawn of an 1838 plantation, a ladies tea interrupted by hungry Yankees, and a period dance and church service.  In addition to the 2nd U.S. Cavalry Company A there was infantry, artillery and an authentic Civil War ambulance driven by Ray and Lynne Tuckweiler.  The crowds were very appreciative and the local authorities are already planning to expand the event next year.  The unit, though small, looked great and both horses and riders performed in an exemplary manner.  The event did lead me to muse about our choice of "max effort" events, which seem to always focus on events put on by external organizations rather than those we do ourselves such as this one, Brandy Station, and the upcoming Cavalry Competition.  Food for thought.