After Action Report: Fort Monroe Living History, Fort Monroe, VA, 24–25 March 2018


I wanted to send a brief thanks to the stalwart five horses and support staff who participated at Fort Monroe Living History last weekend. The weather was a key factor in our low numbers. With four Nor-Easters slamming into the east coast, it was a surprise we had the event.

However, despite the cold and wind, Fort Monroe had beautiful skies and dry ground. West Virginia, on the other hand, got hit hard with snow, dropping our numbers. Even so, Sgt Barry, along with Trooper Charlie, made the event driving from PA. This was a first event for Charlie’s new horse, and a good, low-key initiation. Apache did OK and Charlie handled him well, even when he decided to get a little squirrely.

Trooper Frank made a good showing with Chicken Hawk, after he had his trailer pulled out of the mud. He also had some equipment issues, but stayed safe and performed like the experienced trooper he is. Our new Corporal Brad got to exercise dismounted drill for the first time, and did well directing yours truly on the last dismounted fire. Our ever-vigilant Sgt. did an outstanding job, keeping the drill together and compensating for new horses, equipment issues and small numbers.

Our support was great! Trooper Mike assisted throughout the demos and provided the daily cleanup (poop patrol). Trooper Jan spent the weekend and not only provided us with help in camp and lunches, but excellent cookies and friendship bread. Her chocolate friendship bread is to die for. Lt Col (sometimes trooper & bugler) Dave provided his expert narration and was accompanied by Miss Ginny and Miss Megan (of the purple hair). Lastly, I need to mention our good correspondent Chappie, who took pictures of the event and had helped set up and tear down, as well as provided a tent that kept our food for lunches out of the wind. It was a team-building event and turned out to be safe and productive. Thanks to all, and I hope to ride with you again soon!

Your most humble and obedient servant,


Trooper Mark Sopko

2nd US Cav Co A/ 9th VA Cav Co D