This page is a summary of rank ratio and "present for duty" numbers in the 2nd U.S. Cavalry from February 1961 to June 1965. 

Compy'A, Present for duty, detached, and sick:


Based on Company A Bi-Monthly Muster Rolls and Regimental Monthly Returns, the chart shows:

1. Most officers were on detached duty most of the time.

2. The NCO to private ratio was higher: about one sergeant and one corporal to every eight or nine privates.

3. Companies A, B, and D sent their privates to other companies ("A" men went to "E") in July 1862. These companies sent half their officers & NCOs on recruiting duty for a few months. Only the other companies showed up at Antietam.

4. Comp'y A had a bugler almost all the time, and 2 buglers about half the time.

5. The company had a farrier/blacksmith (included in the chart as privates) almost all the time.

6. This regiment sent high numbers on detached duty at various times. This often included orderly duty for cavalry commanders; duty in Washington, DC; Carlisle, PA; various recruiting cities; or duty at Camp Buford (Giesboro Pt.).

7. The numbers of sick become very significant after heavy campaigning, 1863 and 1864.

8. Note that Comp'y A arrived in Washington on November 29, 1861, 21 days after leaving Ft. Kearny, NE. The Company's last actions were raids through Loudoun County, November 28 through December 3, and around Gordonsville December 29, 1864.

Born in Ireland - Appointed from the Army.  

These men served as enlisted personnel and received promotion as Commissioned Officers.  

Paul Quirk

Born in Ireland -- Appointed from the Army

Enlisted in the 2d U.S. Drag. Apr., 1852; Corporal, 1853; Sergeant, 1854. Served: in Texas, Kansas, Utah, and Nebraska, to 1861; Washington D.C., Dec., 1861 (Sec Lieut. 2d Cav., July 17, 1862). Served: with regiment, Army of Potomac, to 1863 (Bvt. First Lieut. 2d Cav., Sept., 17, 1862; Bvt Capt., June 9, 1863 "for gallantry and meritorious conduct at the battle of Beverly Ford, Va." where he was severely wounded; First Lieut., 2d Cav., Feb 13, 1864); mustering and disbursing, New York City, 1865--67 (Retired Jan. 5, 1865; Bvt Major, Mar., 13, 1865, "for gallant and meritorious conduct during the war"; Capt. U.S.A., July 28, 1866); G.C.M., Richmond, Va., 1867--69.

James Egan

Born in Ireland -- Appointed from the Army

Sec. Lieut. 2d Cav., Aug. 10, 1863; Bvt. First Lieut., May 31, 1864, "for gallant and meritorious services at the battle of Cold Harbor, Va., " where he was wounded severely (First Lieut. 2d Cav., Oct. 19, 1864); absent sick at Washington D.C. to Dec., 1865; at Ft. Lyon C.T. and in the field to Sept., 1866; on recruiting service to Oct., 1868 (Capt. 2d Cav., Feb. 5, 1868); Fort Sanders W.T. to Nov., 1868; Ft. D.A. Russell, to May, 1869; Ft. Laramie and the field to Dec., 1869; Omaha Barracks to Nov., 1871; North Platte Barracks to Nov., 1872; Laramie to Apr., 1874; Baker's Sioux Expedition to 1874; Omaha Barracks to ___.


Charles McMaster

Born in Ireland -- Appointed from the Army

Sergeant 4th U.S. Cav.; Sec. Lieut. 2d Cav., Aug. 10, 1863. Joined Camp Buford, Sept., 1863; Acting Adjutant to Nov., 1863; Mitchell's Station, Va., to May, 1864; with regiment (Army of the Potomac), participating in Sheridan's raids to Richmond, including battles of Todd's Tavern, Yellow Tavern, Meadow Bridge, Hawe's Shop, Cold Harbor, Trevillian Station, Deep Bottom, to Aug., 1864; also in Shenandoah Campaign and actions of Smithfield, Berryville, and Newton, Battle of Winchester, and affair with guerillas at Front Royal, where he was mortally wounded while charging at the head of his men, Sept. 23, 1864. First Lieut., Sept. 19, 1864. Died at Winchester, Va. Oct. 25, 1864.

Robert Lennox

Born in Ireland -- Appointed from the Army

Enlisted in the 2d U.S. Drag., Oct. 1854; engaged in the Sioux Indian Expedition, 1855; Kansas riots, 1856-57; and the Utah Expedition and in Utah to 1861; with regiment in the Army of the Potomac, and engaged in the Peninsula Campaign and battles of Second Bull Run, South Mountain, and Antietam (Sec. Lieut. 2d Cav., July 17, 1862; First Lieut. 2d Cav., April 27, 1863); severely wounded at the battle of Beverly Ford VA.; on the staff of Generals Buford and Pleasanton to Oct., 1863; Regimental Adjutant, Oct., 1863; engaged in the cavalry campaigns under Generals Stoneman and Sheridan; lost left arm at the battle of Smithfield Va.; mustering and disbursing duty, Michigan; with regiment at Ft. Leavenworth Kas., 1865. Dismissed, Jan. 18, 1866

Patrick Horrigan 

Born in Ireland -- Appointed from the Army

Sec. Lieut. 2d Cav., Oct. 31, 1863; Bvt First Lieut., June 11, 1864, "for gallant conduct at the battle of Trevillian Station" (First Lieut. 2d Cav., Jan. 5, 1865) where he was wounded. Transferred to 13th Inf., Feb. 13, 1867.

Daniel Flynn

Born in Ireland -- Appointed from the Army

Sec. Lieut. 2d Cav., July 17, 1862. In the Maryland campaign (Army of the Potomac, --(Bvt. First Lieut., June 9, 1863, "for gallant and meritorious conduct at the battle of Beverly Ford," where he was wounded). Retired Sept 30, 1863. Died June 1875.

Michael Lawless

Born in Ireland -- Appointed from the Army [assigned to Comp'y A as 1st Lt. Feb '64]

Sergeant 2d Drag. for many years. Sec. Lieut. 2d Cav., July 17, 1862. Served: in campaigns of the Army of the Potomac; in Stoneman Raid, May 1863; battle of Beverly Ford (First Lieut. 2d Cav., June 9, 1863), June 9, 1863; Upperville, Aldie, Gettysburg, Williamsport, Falling Waters, Boonsborough, Manassas Gap, 1863; at Camp Buford, Washington, to Oct. 1863; in Sheridan's Raids on Richmond, May--June, 1864, where he was distinguished for his personal intrepidity in action and other good qualities as a soldier. Killed, in action near Trevillian Station, Va., June 11, 1864 [while commanding Compy'A].

James Cahill

Born in Ireland -- Appointed from the Army [assigned to Comp'y A as 1st Lt. April '65]

Sec. Lieut. 2d Cav., Aug. 10, 1863. Served: in the Army of the Potomac, and slightly wounded at the (First Lieut. 2d Cav., June 11, 1864) battle of Todd's Tavern, Va., May 9, 1864; at Ft. Ellsworth, Kas.; Capt. 2d Cav., Nov. 1, 1867. Died at Ft. Russell, Feb 5, 1868.